Small Diesel Trucks For Sale

Small pickup trucks have become quite popular over the years, even if this is true mostly in the rural areas, as they are often used instead of the more expensive farming vehicles. So things which make small diesel trucks for sale attractive to buyers are their robustness, versatility and of course their price. Most people seeking small diesel trucks for sale are not interested in good looks, but rather in the capacity of the bed (cargo area) and the torque it can produce. Of course in the recent years, small diesel trucks for sale have become quite pleasing to the eye. Small trucks featuring a diesel engine are especially popular these days, as they can produce more torque and are generally much more fuel efficient than their gasoline powered counterparts.

The first mass produced pickup truck was actually a modified version of Ford Model T car, it came into production 1925 and was produced until 1928, when model A replaced it. Model A featured a closed cab cabin and also featured innovations such as; safety glass windshield, three speed transmission and roll-up side windows. It was capable of producing 40 horsepower (30KW).
Different versions of pickups are today used with all sorts of public services ranging from law enforcement agencies to all kinds of community services.
An excellent case of an all around great pickup truck would be the Toyota Tacoma, it debuted in 1995 and has since then been a popular small truck, that has seen success in the U.S. mostly. Over the years the Tacoma has become well known for its reliability, with many owners claiming for it to be nearly indestructible, although this might be taking it a bit too far, it is pretty damn reliable. It is also one of the safest small diesel trucks for sale, as it scored almost a perfect score on the NHTSA crash tests.
In the United States these trucks are categorized into three different types, according to their carrying capacity.

Light Duty

Light duty trucks are further categorized into three more classes. Class 1 includes the vehicles ranging from 0 to 6000 lb (0–2722 kg) carrying capacity; Dodge Dakota, GMC Canyon and Toyota Tacoma all fall into this category. Class 2 is a term used for trucks that can load from 6001 to 10000 lb (2722–4536 kg); Dodge Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 are representatives of this group. Class 3 trucks carry from 10001 to 14000 lb (4536–6350 kg) of cargo and some examples include Dodge Ram 3500, Ford F-350, GMC Sierra 3500 and Hummer H1.
The medium and heavy duty categories include vehicles with carrying capacity from 14001 lb (6531 kg), but will be covered in a different article, since in this one we are focused mainly on the small diesel trucks for sale.
So if you are a farmer or a small businessman, a small diesel truck can make your work a lot easier due to its versatility and relatively large towing abilities, for the vehicle of that size.