Ford Diesel Trucks For Sale

It surprises many people that even tough ford was the creator of the first automobile; it took quite a while for the company to produce its first diesel powered pickup truck. First Ford diesel trucks for sale have not been seen ‘till the late 1983.

It came in the form of the Ford F250/350 and has set the standards for Ford’s reliability since then. The Ford F250/350 did not have much competition at the time of its release into the pickup market and its reliability has made one of the best Ford diesel trucks for sale. The 170 horsepower 6.9L has proved to be so popular that the Ford had to press the International to increase production. It has continued to be popular until 1987, when a more powerful 7.3L IDI was introduced.

The greatest success however did not come until the year of 1994, when the Ford’s best known 7.3L “Power Stroke” turbo diesel came into being. It featured direct injection and HEUI injectors and was a completely new design that had nothing in common with the 7.3L IDI aside from size.

The next generation of engines came in the form of 6.0L Power Stroke, when stricter emissions regulations were accepted in 2003 and have forced the company back to the drawing board. Unfortunately the 6.0L Power Stroke was not as reliable as it’s older 7.3L version and has led to the separation of the Ford Motor Company and International/Navistar companies, due to the question of who should finance the increasing number of warranty issues. Despite all that the 6.0L Power Stroke still proved to be a best seller, since again the competition at the time did not have much to offer.

In the 2008 came a new generation of engines, the 6.4L Power Stroke had none of the reliability issues of the 6.0L version and has once again proven the Ford to be leader in the field of pickup trucks.

So, if you are considering buying a used Ford pickup truck you would probably be wise to avoid the 6.0L generation because of its many reliability issues. When checking Ford diesel trucks for sale you should perform all the standard check-ups and pay special attention to the automatic transmission system, as many models suffer from its defects. You should also get as much information as possible regarding the previous use of the vehicle when buying a used Ford diesel trucks for sale.

Many of you are probably interested in buying a brand new Ford diesel truck and if so, there are two brand new models of the F-series Super Duty to consider, these are F-250 and F-350. Aesthetically speaking, they are nothing special but they do feature quite a number of improvements compared to the previous models. Those tweaks are mostly breaking system improvements like bigger rotors and a larger parking brake. These two Ford diesel trucks for sale are a very good choice, unless you expect a bit more in the way of aesthetics. The interior is simple yet elegant, with all the comfort we are nowadays accustomed to.