Football players come in all sizes


Sometimes they are so big that uniforms have trouble fitting. Other times, they are so small that we are surprised when they take a hit and bounce back.

There is a good example of a size differential on the Central Lafourche Trojans.

Senior offensive tackle Richard Lewis stands all of 6-foot-8 and weighs 340 pounds, while senior receiver Jye Hartman is 5-7, 140.

CL coach Carl “Roe” Pitre said it doesn’t matter about the size of the football player. The only thing he looks for is the size of their heart.

“I want the people to know there is a place for anybody on the field,” Pitre said. “If you have the heart, desire and you love the game, no matter how big you are there is a place.

“The way I measure kids is by their hearts.”

Lewis is a towering figure who answers to the nickname “Tree.” He said when people see him they always ask the same question.

“Most people ask me how tall I am,” Lewis said. “Then they ask me if I play football and want to know where I play.”

Hartman isn’t bothered by questions about football. He has to let people know that he is part of the team.

“Nobody thinks I am on the team. Unless they are talking about it, then I say I play too,” Hartman said. “They just ask me where I play. I don’t know if my size is an advantage, but it is not a disadvantage.”

Pitre said both players would be counted on heavily this season.


“Richard had a good spring and is doing well so far,” he said. “Jye will do anything for us. He plays with a big heart and plays on special teams. I

would take 15-20 kids like them any day.”

Lewis said people are intimidated at first meetings. But, he makes friends easily. The only time he wants to intimidate is on the field.

“Size is an advantage, but it also a disadvantage,” Lewis said. “Smaller guys get low and are quicker, but when you have more weight and build, it is harder to go around.”

Hartman fits the mold of the speedy quick guys, but he admits more girth to his frame would help.

“My biggest advantage is my speed, but a little more size wouldn’t hurt,” he said.

Hartman said he is not letting is small stature prevent him from playing football.

“If anybody wants to play football, just play,” he said. “It’s not impossible. If you want to do, you can.”